Customs formalities management of your international transport


OMA holds the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) "Customs Simplification / Security-Safety".


Our team of professional takes over the preparation of your Import and Export declarations, and community transit.


Our customs department advises you daily on :

  • Classification of the goods and the applicable regulations
  • Sensitive products subject to AEMG / AIMG
  • Self-payment of VAT
  • Certified exporter and registered exporter status
  • Regulatory watch
  • The usefulness of documents such as EUR1, ATR1 ...

Our customs support for import :

  • Release for consumption : customs clearance on arrival, payment of duties and taxes.
  • Quota tracking.
  • Bonded storage : placement of goods in bonded warehouse.
  • Transit under customs.
  • Temporary admission and inward processing for working or repair.
  • Establishment of DI GNIS and FLEGT.
  • Implementation of PDD / PDU : home clearance procedure and unique customs clearance procedure.

Our customs support for export :

  • Definitive export.
  • Export of boats and flag radiation.
  • Temporary export : export of a consignment to a third country pending reimportation.
  • Outward processing